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Argadells . June long weekend. 2012. Words and photos by Roger W.

That was a great weekend and made more special by hanging out with a great bunch of people. We were away for only 3 nights, for some it seemed longer. I guess they should have booked a cabin with ensuite and HOT running water.

This was my first AJC trip as Trip Leader and it wasn’t hard to do. We had 7 AJC vehicles for the weekend.  2 cars made their way to the Argadells Friday afternoon,  i did pass on instructions that they form a welcoming committee for the later arrivals and to have the camp fire burning. Seems it was a difficult task. 3 cars left Adelaide about 5:30pm from the Caltex at Bollivar, the plan was simple. Lets drive for a few hours and get some of this urban traffic behind us. Only an hour into the trip the call over the radio was to stop at the next town for a quick counter-meal. The next town was Snowtown. The folks at the pub were very friendly while they guided us away from the front bar to the dining room out back. After ‘only an hour and a half we were back on the road. Seems around this time I deduced the UHF radio installed earlier in the week was not working correctly. ‘I can hear you, can you hear me’ but no reply!!

After meeting up with a few Tojo Hilux’s in Quorn we showed the way to the Argadells. Mind you none of the convoy of 7 vehicles had been there before, let alone in the dark. Being the lead car has it’s advantages, everyone else eats your dust. Seems little rain has fallen in the area for months. We made it to the homestead and were perplexed as to why there was no welcoming committee. There was no camp fire, there were no lights on. It was only 11:30pm where could they all be? But we could hear Andy snoring!

Saturday morning confirmed the Trip Leader’s wife had selected the correct cabin to bunk down in. Tom & Ian had headed down the track a few hundred metres to the bush camp site. The early to bed early to rise crew  were ready to hit the track at 9:30am, pity the rest of us weren’t. After several cars headed into Quorn for fuel and night-time refreshments the final 2 cars had arrived. Early start for Alex & Sue and Ken & Sharon. A review of the map provided was studied by those trained in map reading, only to find later some had trouble turning right. ‘no the other right’
All 7 vehicles headed in through the pass to find the track to Mt Arden. For the next 3 ½ hours we meandered around the property enjoying the scenery.

If you are ever in the Argadells and the power goes out don’t assume someone else will chase up about getting it back on. We sat in the dark, in front of the campfire from 7:30pm till bed time. A little campfire cooking was witnessed while others drank the night away. The quote of the night goes to Andy “Army sleep under the stars, the Navy navigate by the start but the Air Force book their accommodation by the stars” We had a little Australian Defence force banter.  Each night was a beautiful clear night with the star’s shining. Goda love Australia.

Sunday morning was a repeat of the routine, some rose early, cooked breakfast, prepared lunch for the day, washed up, had a shower then waited for everyone else to rise. We all headed out onto the trails after studying the map. This day the Air Force was the lead car. Was Maverick in the driver’s seat and Goose navigating!!! If only we knew the nav had trouble with simple tasks like ‘left from right’ ! it’s worth noting several comments by other 4WDers  that the map provided is not super accurate. Fortunately no one was lost  and there were a lot more Roo’s on the right than the left.

Lunch was in a nice little valley near the northern end of the property, no Tupperware was to be found but an Inukshuk was found. The trip continued taking in the high points with great views. While we were bouncing along the trails one individual pulled out the iPad and proceeded to book tickets to the Pichi Richi Rail steam train for the following day. Onya Jon. Some headed back to Mt Arden  (to find Tupperware aka Goecaching) while most headed the long way back to camp. A repeat of Saturday night around the campsite was enjoyed by all. It must be said Tom’s young daughter was a pleasure to have on the trip.

Monday morning was the usual routine except for packing up the camp, a few waited for the sun to warm up and burn off the frost before packing away the canvas. Some car’s headed to Clare for wine tasting, some headed to Warrens Gorge while those with the luxury of another day lounged about.thanks to Ken & Sharron, Alex & Sue, Tom, Emily & mate Jon, Ian, Darren & Peta and Andy & Vicky (aka Fiona)
We had a great cross section of people and most importantly a great laugh along the way.

Roger & Jane (Trip Leader)

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