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Bendleby Ranges - October 2013. Pictures by John Herbert, Ohzee, Ben

Trip report by Maison

On Saturday 5th of October, we left to go to the Bendelby Ranges in the Flinders Ranges, to go 4wding and camping. On our way there, we stopped at Nanma and Johns house in Gawler,to meet up with them, and pick up tents and chairs to borrow.Then we stopped at the Roseworthy servo to meet up with everyone else. In total, there were 5 4wds. Whilst at the servo,John had trouble with his 2 way radio, so Sharnae and I were talking to him through it. After Roseworthy we went to Burra for morning tea. We then drove to Peterborough where some cars had more petrol put in.

Once we got to our destination, everyone unpacked the cars to sent up camp. The tent Mum and Ohzee borrowed broke because of the wind. After mine and Sharnaes tent was set up, Sharnae and I went for a little walk. When we got back from our walk, Mike and Frasier had taken the doors off Frasiers Jeep. We all then went to the training track, but when John attempted the 1st hill, his Jeep said to service the low range system, so everyone went back to campsite for some lunch.

On Sunday 6th, we went 4wding from 10:30am. I went in Ians Jeep. Everyone did the Billy Goat track. On the way up the track, Ians diffs got stuck on 2 rocks spaced apart enough to get both diffs stuck. Further up the hill, Ohzee kept getting stuck on rocks that stopped him from getting up. After about 2 tries, Sharnae was scared, so she got out the car with Nanma.

We then went trouble free to a spot we thought was shaded (but wasn't) for lunch. After lunch we all went bact to camp (via the senic route). Before tea Nanma and John went for showers, and after them, Mum, Sharnae and I went for our showers and came back to a delicious meal.

Monday 7th, today we pretty much packed up and left (after breakfast). Whilst everyone was packing Sharnae and I went for short walk to stop Sharnae from annoying Mum. After about 2 minutes we came back beacause Sharnae wanted to put shoes on. After she put her shoes on we went for a longer walk for about 5 minutes. Mum then called us back to get ready to go. Once everyone was packed and we all left.

Our first stop was at Ororroo, then we stopped at burra for lunch but because it was a public holiday nothing was open apart from the bakery that we ended up going to. Sharnae and I got a meat pasty, Mum and Ohzee had a pie each. After Burra everybody else stopped at Roseworthy, but we kept going, because I had to be at my Dads at about 4:30.
Written by Maison, 12yrs

Trip report by Sharnae

On Saturday 5th October, we left home at 6:15am to go camping and 4x4ing at the Bendelby Ranges in the Flinders Ranges. We stopped at Nanma and Johns house in Gawler to get the tents and chairs. We stopped at Roseworthy to meet everyone else. We then went to Burra for morning tea, and another toilet stop. Then we kept driving to Peterborough for a bit more petrol.

When we got to the campsite, we put up our tents. My mum and Ohzees tent broke so they had to sleep in the car! Maison and I went hiking for a little while. Then all the cars (5 of them) went to the 4x4 training track. Nanma and Johns car couldn't do it coz it was broken. Maison and I were in their car when it happened.

We then got into mum and Ohzees car to go through the mud puddle. It was a big thud and splash. Then we went drove to a lookout and it was really windy. Mums drink was on the dashboard and when Ohzee opened his door, the wind blew the can over and got drink all over the dash. Mum wasn't happy. After that, we went back on bumpy tracks to our campsite to get the bonfire started. It was a good fire. We made our dinner on it, and then had some roasted marshmellows. Then we went to bed.

The next day we got woken up early, had breaky and went out for a big day. We slowly drove to the Billy Goat track, but stopped for lunch on the way. The Billy Goat track was very bumpy, and we went up lots of steep hills.
We got most of the way up and our car got stuck. It was very scarey, and I got out the car with Nanma, I was so scared! Ohzee had to reverse the car back down, but there were really big drops each side of us. Ohzee finally got the car unstuck with help from John.

John and Ben had to drive back down as Ian's car got stuck and needed help to get going again. We all made it up in the end . When I got back in the car, I hugged Nanmas arm so hard she thought it was going to break! We then headed back to the campsite for another bonfire and dinner. But before dinner we went for a shower. The shower kept going hot and cold, and they were in a tin shed. We got back to camp, had dinner, more roasted marshmellows, and then went to bed.

In the morning, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast, while everyone was packing up camp. Maison and I went hiking some more. Then we headed home. On the way, Ohzee drove through a really big puddle with his window open, and me and pink fluffy bunny got all wet. I had to give pink fluffy bunny a bath when we got home.

When we stopped at Orroroo to look at the big gum tree, I saw lots of Harley motorbikes, and I wanted mum to follow them through the town, but she wouldnt. I fell asleep on the way home. Our weekend was so much fun, and I cant wait to go 4x4ing again.

Written by Sharnae 5 yrs old