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Goolwa Beach. November 2011. Words and photos by Darren S.

Goolwa Beach Trip - November 2011

A small group of Adelaide Jeep Club members met at the truck stop up bound on the SE Freeway to travel down to Goolwa for a drive along Goolwa Beach to the Mouth of the River Murray. Those meeting there included the President and Secretary in their JK Sport, Tom Wildey in his Nissan Patrol, Ken Arnold in his Grand Cherokee, along with David Conway, and Ian Drew in theirs.

After an uneventful trip along the blacktop we met the remaining members for the trip, Roger Wilkinson and Michael Bails, in the car park of the Surf Club at the entry to Goolwa Beach. A quick poll was taken and the decision reached to have lunch at the actual mouth of the river. This necessitated a rapid dispersal as we went in search of lunch at the various Bakeries and Eateries available in Goolwa.

After regathering at the entrance the decision was made to stay at, or close to, Highway Pressures as the trip was assessed as an easy one. The first soft sand is on the actual entrance to the beach and all members' vehicles made it across without any dramas. An immediate stop was made to ensure that everyone had made it on to the beach and to take the opportunity to snap a few pictures. It was then time to make our way down the beach, avoiding errant children and drivers with no concept of vehicle safety.

The beach moved from fairly compacted dirt to soft sand as we made our way down the beach. The next area of soft sand of note is at the other end of the beach just short of the river's mouth. Most of us made it through this on to the hard pack sand with only the JK Unlimited stopped due to the vehicle in front of him stopping. This proved to be problematic when attempting to restart with the vehicle becoming bogged and unable to progress. There were soon many hands on deck to clear the sand from around the underneath of the vehicle and it was back underway in no time at all.

Once at the mouth we circled the wagons to grab some photos and devour our lunches. The discussions over our meals ranged on topics far and wide ensuring a good time was had by all. We all began to disperse individually as our different commitments called to us. The final group consisted of the President and Secretary, Roger, Jane, and Katie Wilkinson, and Ken Arnold. To demonstrate how much easier a 4WD can negotiate soft sand on lowered tyre pressures the President recommended everyone drop their pressures to around 20psi. Everyone present commented on how it was noticeably easier to negotiate the sand on the way back as compared to the trip down.

Once back in the Surf Club's car park we returned our tyres back to highway pressures and parted company to go our separate ways and concluding another enjoyable club outing.