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Mystery Trip
August 2014     

By Sue MacMillan

On Sunday, August 17th John was finally able to lead off the previously postponed Mystery Drive. The first mystery was where were Peter & Silvana? They were waiting for us behind another building, when that was established we all set off with Mystery Man in the lead, Rob and Shelley as Tail-end Charlie. I don’t know how MM managed to work out the route and then remember it with all its twists and turns, ups and downs. I certainly had no idea where we were headed though I did think we were still on the northern side of town.

Mystery Man in his pristine white shoes led us through a wide range of countryside, rolling green hills, stands of massive old Gum Trees, acres of Yakkas, big rough rock hills and nice green paddocks surrounded by stone walls. He thought we might be able to guess our destination but his response was, “No” to all suggestions.

Our morning Tea stop was at Lyndoch where a few of us abandoned our tucker bags in favour of something from the German Bakery. The muffins were perfect and the setting beside a wetlands was lovely.

Our driving skills were tested not in water crossings as we thought but by cyclists, especially the one with a death wish riding a recumbent. We went through one after another of dips in the road which had been water crossings when John did his reccie. A couple of wet crossings remained but they were nothing like John encountered a few weeks ago, really not much more than big puddles.

Rob became concerned that we might have a very big water crossing coming up and he was right but John assured us there would be no wet wheels, the punt was there for us. We enjoyed the view of the cliffs and a Pelican chilling as we crossed to the Swan Reach Hotel for lunch. Everyone’s food was delicious but it was too much for some. Conversation didn’t centre around 4Wds as you might expect but ranged from good fishing spots, joy of long haul flights, the lure of the north in Winter and how to prepare snails and get them back in their “houses”. There is a wrong way to do this which is very familiar to Gerard and then the right way or “Shelley’s Way”.

After lunch Rob and Shelley decided to join Paula and John (in his still white shoes) as they investigated the Sleeper Track on their way home. Alex & I followed Ian, Peter & Silvana to Murray Bridge and Gerard and Ivana were some way behind us. We all enjoyed the lovely day out in perfect weather and in good company.

Thanks John.